My January 19 Auction is All-78's, All Genre's!!

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• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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John buys the World's Rarest 78 rpm record!!

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January 19th All-Genres, All-78's Auction page 1
Closes Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 7:00 pm PT

All Original 78 RPM!!
R&B Vocal Groups / Blues / 1950's Rock & Roll /
Rockabilly / Country Gospel / Country and More!

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R&B Vocal Groups 78's:

1. The Inspirations — "Dry Your Eyes/Good By" JAMIE 1034 VG+ MB $10

2. The Inspirators — "If Loving You Is Wrong/Three Sixty" TREAT RECORDS 502 M- NICE ONE MB $50

3. The Ink Spots — "Here In My Lonely Room/Flowers, Mister Florist, Please" KING 4670 MINT Their very BEST record with Charlie Fuqua from the Moonglows singing lead! MB $25

4. The Jacks — "Why Don't You Write Me/My Darling" RPM 428 MINT CLASSIC MB $25

5. The Jacks — "I'm Confessin'/Since My Baby's Been Gone" RPM 433 M- MB $20

6. The Jacks — "This Empty Heart/My Clumsy Heart" RPM 444 VG+ MB $10

7. The Jacks — "So Wrong/How Soon" RPM 454 M- MB $20

8. The Jacks — "Let's Make Up/Dream A Little Longer" RPM 467 M- MB $20

9. The Jaguars — "The Way You Look Tonight/Moonlight And You" R-DELL 11 VG- Plays fabulous!!! MB $25

10. The Jaguars — "I Wanted You/Rock It, Davy, Rock It" AARDELL 003 MINT MB $25

11. The Jayhawks — "Counting My Tear-drops/The Devil's Cousin" FLASH 105 VG Plays Great, tough one! MB $10

12. Little Joe And The Morrocos — "Bubble Gum/Trouble In The Candy Shop" BUMBLE BEE 500 MINT Tough to find on 78 rpm format MB $25

13. Johnnie & Joe — "It Was There/There Goes My Heart" J & S 1659 VG+ MB $10

14. The Joytones — "All My Love Belongs To You/You Just Won't Treat Me" RAMA 191 VG+ MB $10

15. The Jumping Jacks — "Do Let That Dream Come True/Why Oh Why" LLOYDS 101 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO—NICE ONE MB $50

16. The Kalvin Brothers — "Please Don't Leave Me/Somewhere In Korea" ROYAL ROOST 549 M- MB $25

17. Kansas City Tomcats — "Nobody Knows/Meet Me, Meet Me Baby" J O Z 786 VG+ MB $10

18. Herb Kenny And The Comets — "Only You/When The Lights Go On Again (All Over The World)" FEDERAL 12083 VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO! This is the very FIRST version of the song that would soon become a million seller for The Platters!!! MB $25

19. The Keynotes — "Suddenly/Zenda" APOLLO 478 M- MB $25

20. The Keynotes — "A Star/I Don't Know" APOLLO 484 VG+ MB $10

21. The Kings — "Why? Oh, Why?/I Love You Baby" JAX 314 MINT MB $25

22. The Kings — "You Made Me Cry/Baby Be There" JAX 316 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $50

23. Bobby Hall And The Kings — "Sunday Kind Of Love/Love No One" JAX 320 VG MB $5

24. The Kings — "What Can I Do?/'Til I Say Well Done" SPECIALTY 497 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with tiny wol on B-side MB $25

25. Bobby Hall And The Kings — "Fire In My Heart/You Never Knew" HARLEM 2322 M- FABULOUS MB $50

26. The Lamplighters — "Part Of Me/Turn Me Loose" FEDERAL 12149 M- White label promo with 2" hair crack MB $10

27. The Lamplighters — "Tell Me You Care/I Used To Cry Mercy, Mercy" FEDERAL 12176 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

28. The Lamplighters — "You Hear/Five Minutes Longer" FEDERAL 12192 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $25

29. The Larks — "I Don't Believe In Tomorrow/Oooh...It Feels Good" APOLLO 430 M- MB $75

30. The Larks — "Hey, Little Girl/Little Side Car" APOLLO 429 VG+/M- MB $25

31. The Larks — "I Live True To You/Hold Me" APOLLO 1194 VG+ Top half of A-side label is faded as shown MB $25

32. The Larks — "In My Lonely Room/Stolen Love" APOLLO 1190 M- GREAT MB $75

33. Barbara Gale And The Larks — "When You're Near/Who Walks In" LLOYDS 111 M- MB $25

34. The Larks — "If It's A Crime/Tippin' In" LLOYDS 110 VG+ MB $10

35. The Larks — "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/No Other Girl" LLOYDS 112 VG+ #ol on B-side MB $10

36. Jimmie Lee & Artis — "My Heart's Desire/Blue And Lonesome" MODERN 870 M- MB $20

37. Jimmie Lee And Artis — "Why Do You Make Me Feel Blue/All Right Baby" MODERN 899 MINT MB $25

38. Bobby Lester And The Moonlighters — "Shoo Doo—Be Doo/So All Alone" CHECKER 806 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO COPY MB $35

39. Bobby Lester And The Moonlighters — "Hug And A Kiss/New Gal" CHECKER 813 M- MB $20

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