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November 19th Killer Blues Auction-pix, page 1
Closes Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 7 pm PT

Pre-War & Post War Blues 78s'
1950's Blues 45's Auction!
All Original, All Collectible!

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Pre-War Blues 78's:

1. Ed Andrews — "Barrel House Blues/Time Ain't Gonna Make Me Stay" OKEH 8137 G One of the very FIRST Pre-War Blues Guitar records ever released!! Tough to find! This copy is pretty well worn but still plays through MB $10


2. Blue Lu Barker With Danny Barker's Fly Cats — "Don't You Make Me High/He Caught That B & O" DECCA 7506 V+ MB $10


3. Lottie Beaman aka Lottie Kimborough — "Regular Man Blues/Mama Can't Lose" PARAMOUNT 12235 E+ Has 2 inch hair crack MB $50


4. The Biddleville Quintette — "Handwriting On The Wall/As I Live, Let Me Live In Love" PARAMOUNT 13092 V- RARE 13000 Paramount MB $25


5. Bon Bon And His Buddies — "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/Sweet Mama" DECCA 3980 E- MB $10


6. Boone's Jumping Jacks — "I'm For It/Take Me Back" DECCA 8590 E+/E MB $10


7. Wee Bea Booze — "So Good/These Young Men Blues" DECCA 8658 E- MB $10


8. Bon Bon And His Buddies — "All That Meat And No Potatoes/Blow, Gabriel, Blow" DECCA 8567 E/E+ MB $20


9. Big Bill Broonzy — "Let's Reel And Rock/You Do Me Any Old Way" MELOTONE 7-06-64 V+ With label damage MB $10


10. Big Bill Broonzy — "My Big Money/My Woman Mistreats Me" MELOTONE 7-11-67 E-/V+ MB $10


11. Big Bill Broonzy — "Play Your Hand/Somebody's Got To Go" VOCALION 03400 E/V+ MB $10


12. Big Bill Broonzy — "It's Your Time Now/The Mill Man Blues" VOCALION 04280 E/E- MB $10


13. Big Bill Broonzy — "Don't You Lay It On Me/I'll Do Anything For You" VOCALION 04642 V+/E MB $10


14. Big Bill Broonzy — "Just Wondering/That's All Right, Baby" VOCALION 05043 E+ MB $25


15. Big Bill Broonzy — "Cotton Choppin' Blues/Tell Me What I Done" VOCALION 05149 V+/E- MB $10


16. Big Bill Broonzy — "I've Got To Dig You/When I Had Money" VOCALION 05563 V+/E MB $10


17. Big Bill Broonzy — "Shine On, Shine On/When I Been Drinking" OKEH 06303 E+ MB $25


18. Big Bill Broonzy — "My Little Flower/Sweet Honey Bee" OKEH 06386 E+/E MB $20


19. Big Bill Broonzy — "Wee Wee Hours/Conversation With The Blues" OKEH 06552 E-/E MB $10


20. Big Bill And His Chicago Five — "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/Hard Heart" OKEH 06651 E/E- MB $10


21. Big Bill Broonzy — "I Feel So Good/Tell Me Baby" OKEH 6688 E MB $20


22. Big Bill Broonzy — "Bad Acting Woman/I'm Woke Up Now" OKEH 6724 E MB $20


23. Butterbeans And Susie — "Deal Yourself Another Hand/Jelly Roll Queen" OKEH 8520 V+ MB $10


24. Erskine Butterfield And His Blue Boys — "Whatcha Know Joe/Beale Street Mama" DECCA 8510 E- MB $10


25. Erskine Butterfield And His Blue Boys — "Jivin' The Missouri Waltz/Stayin' At Home" DECCA 8524 E/E+ MB $10


26. Erskine Butterfield And His Blue Boys — "Monday's Wash/Blackberry Jam" DECCA 8543 E MB $10


27. Erskine Butterfield And His Blue Boys — "Honey Dear/I Was A Fool To Let You Go" DECCA 8588 E+ MB $20


28. Erskine Butterfield And His Blue Boys — "Mama Long And Tall/If Money Grew On Trees" DECCA 8596 E MB $10


29. Leroy Carr — "How Long-How Long Blues/My Own Lonesome Blues" VOCALION 1191 V MB $10


30. Leroy Carr And Scrapper Blackwell — "Mean Mistreater Mama/Blues Before Sunrise" VOCALION 02657 V MB $10


31. Leroy Carr And Scrapper Blackwell — "Blues She Gave Me/You Can't Run My Business No More" VOCALION 02681 V MB $10


32. Leroy Carr And Scrapper Blackwell — "Good Woman Blues/Bread Breaker" VOCALION 03296 V+/V MB $10


33. Leroy Carr With Scrapper Blackwell — "Blue Night Blues/Florida Bound Blues" VOCALION 03233 V MB $10


34. Leroy Carr — "Tennessee Blues/Broken Spoke Blues" VOCALION 1200 V+ With one inch hair crack MB $10


35. The Cedar Creek Sheik — "Ford V-8/Watch The Fords Go By" BLUEBIRD 6939 E-/E+ MB $10


36. Doctor Clayton — "Doctor Clayton Blues/Gotta Find My Baby" BLUEBIRD 8901 E/E- MB $10


37. Doctor Clayton — "Cheating And Lying Blues/Watch Out, Mama" BLUEBIRD 8938 E MB $20


38. Doctor Clayton — "Pearl Harbor Blues/My Own Blues" BLUEBIRD 9003 E+ MB $20


39. Doctor Clayton — "Ain't No Business We Can Do/Moonshine Woman Blues" BLUEBIRD 9021 E/E+ MB $20


40. Ida Cox With Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders — "Graveyard Dream Blues/Weary Way Blues" PARAMOUNT 12044 E- MB $20


41. Ida Cox And Her Five Blue Spells — "Graveyard Bound Blues/Mississippi River Blues" PARAMOUNT 12251 G Clean labels MB $5


42. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup — "Give Me A 32-20/Raised To My Hand" BLUEBIRD 9019 E MB $20


43. Cow Cow Davenport — "I Ain't No Ice Man/Railroad Blues" DECCA 7462 E+ MB $25


44. Walter Davis — "Dentist Blues/Root Man Blues" BLUEBIRD 6040 E With HENRY TOWNSEND on Guitar MB $50


45. Walter Davis — "Don't You Want To Go?/Goodbye" BLUEBIRD 9027 E+ MB $25

46. The Delta Boys — "You Shouldn't Do That/Black Gal Swing" BLUEBIRD 8852 E/E+ SLEEPY JOHN ESTES AND SON BONDS MB $100


47. Rev. Emmet Dickenson — "Sin Is A Mess/Watch" PARAMOUNT 12971 V MB $50


48. Arizona Dranes With Sarah Martin And Richard M. Jones — "John Said He Saw A Number/My Soul Is A Witness For The Lord" OKEH 8352 V MB $50


49. Champion Jack Dupree — "Gibing Blues/Dupree Shake Dance" OKEH 06104 E MB $20


50. Champion Jack Dupree — "Big Time Mama/Heavy Heart Blues" OKEH 06597 E-/E MB $20

51. Frank Edwards — "Sweet Man Blues/Three Woman Blues" OKEH 06493 E MB $100


52. Perline Ellison — "New That Ain't Right/Razor Totin' Mama" DECCA 7910 E MB $20


53. Ernie Fields With Vocal By MELVIN MOORE — "T-Town Blues/Lard Stomp" VOCALION 5073 E- MB $10

54. Blind Boy Fuller — "Stingy Mama/Someday You're Gonna Be Sorry" DECCA 7892 E MB $50


55. Blind Boy Fuller — "Step It Up And Go/Little Woman You're So Sweet" OKEH 05476 E- MB $20


56. Blind Boy Fuller — "Passenger Train Woman/Good Feeling Blues" OKEH 06231 E MB $20


57. Leroy's Buddy (Bill Gaither) — "You Done Lost Your Swing No. 2/Babyfied Ways Girl" DECCA 7497 E MB $20


58. Little Bill Gaither — "Love Crying Blues/Money Kills Love" OKEH 05655 E MB $20


59. Little Bill Gaither — "Love Trifling Blues/Wandering Rosa Lee" OKEH 05824 E+ MB $25


60. Little Bill Gaither — "A Short Cut To The Grave/I Can Drink Muddy Water" OKEH 06208 E- MB $10


61. Little Bill Gaither — "I'm Behind The 8 Ball Now/Uncle Sam Called The Roll" OKEH 06092 E MB $20


62. Jazz Gillum — "She Belongs To Me/Key To The Highway" BLUEBIRD 8529 E+ The B-side of this record, "Key To The Highway" was written by Gillum and went on to be an all time Blues standard—THIS is the ORIGINAL!!! MB $50


63. Jazz Gillum — "I'm Still Walking The Highway/Little Woman" BLUEBIRD 8778 E- His own ANSWER RECORD to his big hit—listed just above MB $10


64. Jazz Gillum — "Me And My Buddy/That's What Worries Me" BLUEBIRD 8872 E-/E MB $10


65. Jazz Gillum — "You Are Doing Me Wrong/It's All Over Now" BLUEBIRD 8975 E-/E+ MB $10


66. Jazz Gillum — "You Drink Too Much Whiskey/Down South Blues" BLUEBIRD 9004 E- MB $10


67. Jazz Gillum — "I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town/Woke" BLUEBIRD 9042 V+/E- MB $5


68. Gene Gilmore — "The Natchez Fire/The Death Of Walter Barnes" DECCA 7763 E+/E- Historic record all about the fire in Natchez, Miss. where a club burned down and many folks lost their lives. Howlin' Wolf wrote a song about this as well. MB $10


69. Lillian Glenn — "The Man I Love Is Worth Talking About/Best Friend" COLUMBIA 14330 E- With 3 inch lam crack on A-side only MB $20


70. Jimmie Gordon — "Think You Need A Shot/C.C. & St. Louis Blues" DECCA 7268 E+ MB $20


71. Jimmie Gordon And His Vip Vop Band — "Sail With Me/Crying My Blues Away" DECCA 7519 E+ MB $20


72. Lil Green — "Romance In The Dark/What Have I Done?" BLUEBIRD 8524 E-/E MB $10


73. Lil Green — "Give Your Mama One Smile/My Mellow Man" BLUEBIRD 8640 E+ MB $20


74. Lil Green — "Why Don't You Do Right?/Love Me" BLUEBIRD 8714 E/E+ MB $20


75. Lil Green — "I'm Going To Copyright Your Kisses/How Can I Go On" BLUEBIRD 8790 E/E+ MB $20


76. Lil Green — "Because I Love My Daddy So/You're Just Full Of Jive" BLUEBIRD 8826 V+/E- MB $5

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