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ATTN: Bidders Using Snail Mail: Some of your bids have arrived THE DAY the auction closes! Please leave enough mail time:
• East Coast bidders at least 4 business days.
• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #15
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Country / Country Boogie / Hillbilly 78's:

428. Lee Madron And The Westerners — "Madron Blues/Don't Trust No Woman" CANYON 204 M- PHOENIX, ARIZONA LABEL MB $25

429. Louise Massey — "Sage Brush And Sand/Lost" SUN 105 M- ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO "Sun" label, not the Memphis "Sun" MB $20

430. Bob McCoy And His Western Stars — "My Honey's Got A Honey Of A Bathing Suit/Hi-Yo Tony" TOKEN RECORDS 100 M- Wol—rare one from Newark, New Jersey MB $30

431. The Melody Masters String Band — "Dessau Waltz/Twin Fiddle Waltz" LASSO 100 VG/VG+ RARE AUSTIN, TEXAS LABEL MB $10

432. Billy Mize With Bill Woods And His Orange Blossom Valley Boys — "I'm Still A Prisoner/Pusan" KORD 100 MINT RARE!! Bakersfield, California label MB $30

433. Willis Myers And His Swing Band — "Bring Back My Daddy To Me/I Love Her Again" SCHLEGEL'S RECORDING CO MINT MB $25

434. Ty Nagle And The Ella Wilson Trio — "I Found The One I Love/'Cross The Mason-Dixon Line" CANYON 0500 VG- MB $5

435. Arly Nelson With The Tune Toppers — "Banjo Man/Helena Polka" SRC 113 M- MB $20

436. Chester Odom And His Western Rhythm Boys — "These Lonely Nights/That's All" BLUE BONNET 144 M- MB $25

437. Vess Ossman — "Tell Me Pretty Maiden/The Man With The Banjo" RCA VICTOR D6-CB-6157 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO This is a mid-1950's release of the very first RCA Victor 78 ever released in 1901 for "National Banjo Week" MB $10

438. Willie Phelps And Norman Phelp's Virginia Rounders — "I Paid No Attention/The Next Time I Get Married" FERNWOOD 2 MINT MB $20

439. Red Pleasant And The Southern Serenaders — "Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb/Mississippi Boogie" SELECTIVE 74 MINT MB $25

440. Mel Price And His Sante Fe Rangers — "Nothing Seems To Go Right Anymore/I Know That I've Lost You" BLUE HEN 3006 VG+ MB $5

441. Quaker City String Band — "Best Things In Life Are Free/In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town" LINDWOOD RECORDS 104 VG+ MB $5

442. Rader Family — "There's A Red Light On The Road Ahead/He'll Make A Way I KNow" KENTUCKY 505 M- Tiny wol on B-side MB $20

443. The Rangemen — "Las Vegas Bound/I'm Gonna Saddle The Moon" RANGE RECORDS 2 M-/VG+ MB $10

444. The Rangers Quartet — "Heavenly Cannon Ball/The Carpenter's Son" CAPITOL 3035 MINT MB $10

445. Smokey Reason And His Band — "A Boy And A Girl/Little Miss Muffet" S R Records 184 M- 4 Star Custom Pressing MB $20

446. Donn Reynolds And The Round-Up Boys — "Don't Talk About Me/Let The Rest Of The World Go By" LARIAT 1108 M- MB $20

447. Art Gentry With Scott Fisher's Mule Drivers — "Mule Train/If I Never Fall In Love" SIGNATURE HI-TONE 260 VG MB $5

448. Tex Ritter — "Let Me Go, Devil/The Long Black Rifle" CAPITOL 2594 M- MB $10

449. Bob Roark — "Have A Talk With Your Heart/Love Commandments" JOYCE 101 MINT MB $20

450. Rocky Rose & The Trail Dusters — "Dear Old Tennessee/The Dandelion Bouquet" K and K 1038 M- Obscure one from SHELTON, NEBRASKA MB $30

451. Cousin Roy And The Silver Creek Jamboree — "I Guess My Mailbox Is As Lonesome As Me/All The Time" BELVEDERE 3003 M- MB $20

452. The Rhythmaires — "My Rock/I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs" CENTRAL 5003 M- MB $10

453. The Rhythmaires — "Journey To The Sky/Mansion Over The Hilltop" CENTRAL 5002 VG+ MB $5

454. Betty Sanders — "Talking Un-American Blues/In Contempt" Hootenanny 103 VG MB $10

455. Tommy Schafer And The Blue Mountain Ramblers — "Just A Handful Of Mem'ries/Flop Eared Mule" TOKEN RECORDS 108 M- MB $20

456. Russ Scott And The Outriders — "Why Won't You Love Me/Playtime Cowboy" CORMAC 1192 M- # on label MB $10

457. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "You Caused It All/Down In The Graveyard" KATONA 100 • M- RARE LABEL FROM ATLANTA, GEORGIA. MB $50

458. Ramblin' Tommy Scott — "Skip To My Lou/Mountain Music" KATONA 1000 MINT RARE MB $30

459. Tommy Scott — "Uncle Sammy/Everything Reminds Me Of You" FEDERAL 10026 M- MB $20

460. Merle Shelton — "I Love You Just Because/Chilena, My Dancing Girl" LIN 1006 MINT MB $20

461. Reece Shipley And The Rainbow Valley Boys — "Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat/Mem'ry Prison" KINGSPORT 106 POOR MB $5

462. Reece Shipley And The Rainbow Valley Boys — "Milk Bucket Boogie/Will Good Times Last Forever" KINGSPORT 104 M- MB $20

463. Eddie Shuler's All Star Reveliers — "Ace Of Love/Hiding My Tears In The Rain" GOLDBAND 1021 M- MB $20

464. The Six Westerners — "Why Don't These Blues Leave Me Alone/Singin' In The Saddle" BLACK & WHITE 1001 M- MB $10

465. Arizona Slim And His Grand Canyon Cowboys — "Western Lullaby/Where The Androscoggin Flows" SPOTLIGHT 2008 VG MB $5

466. Big Slim And His Oklahoma Playboys — "I Had To Learn The Hard Way/Never Get Too High" PAGE 507 M- OBSCURE LABEL FROM JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA MB $30

467. Tennessee Slim — "One Sided Love Affair/Crazy Hazy Kisses" SPEED 113 VG MB $5

468. Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith's Sensational Trio — "After You've Gone/No O' Clock Jump" SUPER DISC 1032 M- MB $10

469. Arthur Smith's Cracker Jacks — "Have A Little Fun/Maybe I'm Right" SUPER DISC 1033 M- MB $10

470. Jimmy Smith With String Band — "It Ain't No Fun To Say I Told You So/Does He Love You Like I Do" DIXIANA 107 M- Rare MB $30

471. Ray Smith And The Pinetoppers — "So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed/The Leaf Of Love" CONTINENTAL 8019 M- MB $10

472. Ray Smith — "My Life With You/I Walked Into The Garden" LONDON 897 M- A-side has the word "NO" written in grease pencil across the grooves—NO effect on play MB $10

473. Pete Smythe — "Where The Rockies Meet The Plains/The Wolf Of Wolf" Centennial 1292 VG+ MB $5

474. The Song Spinners — "Cool Water/How Many Biscuits" SPINNA 1001 VG MB $5

475. Red Speeks — "Don't Feel Sorry For Me/Won't The Angels Miss You" SPEEKS 1001 M- Wol MB $10

476. The Speer Family — "This Ole House/Some Glad Day" SPEER FAMILY 518 M- MB $10

477. The Spiritualaires — "I'm Feelin' Fine/His Hand In Mine" Spiritualaires Trio 1000 VG MB $5

478. Sandy Staton With The Rhythm Ranch Hands — "Heart For Sale/Little Dog In The Street" ORBIT 101 M- Wol, Glendale, California label MB $20

479. Frank Starr And The Rock-Away Boys — "Tell Me Why/For The Want Of Your Love" LIN 1013 VG MB $5

480. Claire Stewart With Hugh Waddill's Music — "Love For You, My Daddy/Toddlin' Waddlin' Duck" TEXADISC 1003 VG+ Rare one from DALLAS MB $15

481. Cliffie Stonehead And His Band — "Ragtime Doughboy Joe/Knock On Wood" Bel-Tone 1048 M- MB $10

482. Les Stone And His Western Aces — "Please Take My Heart/Doggone Blues" SMART 711 MINT Phoenix, Arizona label MB $25

483. Smokey Stover And Stampede Wranglers — "I'm Planting A Rose/It's The Natural Thing" STAMPEDE 101 M- FROM KEMAH, TEXAS MB $30

484. Jimmy Swan And His Range Riders — "I Love You Too Much/Triflin' On Me" TRUMPET 177 M- MB $20

485. Al Terry With String Band — "God Was So Good/How Can It Be" FEATURE 1052 MINT MB $20

486. Pal Thibodeaux — "Port Arthur Boogie/What Will I Do" SKY LINE 154 MINT MB $30

487. Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys — "California Women/What Are We Going To Do About The Moonlight" BLUE BONNET 123 M- MB $30

488. Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys — "No Help Wanted/I'd Have Never Found Somebody New" CAPITOL 2376 VG/VG+ WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $5

489. Hank Thompson And His Brazos Valley Boys — "Rub-A-Dub-Dub/I'll Sign My Heart Away" CAPITOL 2445 VG/VG+ MB $5

490. Al Toft And His Orchestra — "Wooden Shoes/Eide Ratas" IMPERIAL 1007 VG+ Tol MB $5

491. Merle Travis — "That's All/Hide Your Face (by Red Murrell)" ATLAS 135 M- MB $10

492. Tommy Trent And The Mountain Valley Trio — "It's My Turn To Cry Over You/Truck Driver Roll" CAMARK RECORDS 501 VG- MB $5

493. Sammy Tucker And The Melodiers — "You Made Believe/Aggravatin' " CANON 501 M- WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

494. Johnny Tyler And Riders Of The Rio Grande — "Troubles On Your Mind/Dora Darlin' " STANCHEL 108 M- MB $10

495. Pappy Tyler And His Melody Four — "Ghoulson Valley Waltz/The Breakdown" Humming Bird 1006 VG/VG+ MB $5

496. The Valley Ranch Boys — "Marmaduke Horn Pipe/Flop Eared Mule" SHOME 501 POOR MB $5

497. Earney Vandagriff And Joyce Lawrence — "Hush Money/Wishing" SPECIALTY 718 MINT WHITE LABEL PROMO MB $20

498. Jimmy Wakely And His Saddle Pals — "Moon Over Montana/I'm Always Blue For You" JIMMY WAKELY SOUVENIR RECORDS VG+ Autographed by Wakely on the label MB $20

499. Joe Walsh Wabash Trio — "Boogie Pete/Paradise Polka" SENTRY 305 M- MB $20

500. Al Warwick — "Rag Doll/You Are The Only One" CALIFORNIA RECORDS 507 M- STARDAY CUSTOM PRESSING MB $20

501. Charles Wayne And The Rattlesnake Ramblers — "The Golden Key/Mean Mean Mean" SPUR 1248 MINT MB $20

502. Eddy Wayne — "Watch Over My Mother/Let Me Love You" DOME 1053 M- MB $20

503. Jack Wayne And The Cimmaron Ramblers — "The Fiddles Were Playing/False Kisses" SPUR 1247 VG+/M- MB $10

504. The Weavers — "The Hammer Song/Banks Of Marble" HOOTENANNY 101 M- PETE SEEGER MB $20

505. The Western Aces — "The Butcher Boy/Gonna Have Myself A Time" LAMB 107 VG- MB $5

506. Jimmy West With Leonard T. Zinn And His Band — "No Strings Attached/Happy Birthday My Darling" FLEET 1002 M- Rare MB $20

507. Don Weston — "Who's Lonesome Now/Daddy's Yodel Lullaby" SPUR 102 M- MB $20

508. Teddy Wilburn — "Court Of Justice/How Would You Like To Call Me Sweetheart?" GOTHAM 413 M- MB $10

509. Slim Willet — "Four Hand Blues/The Fight" SLIM WILLET 133 M- Small tol on B-side MB $10

510. Slim Willet With The Brush Cutters — "Hadacol Corners/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes" SLIM WILLET 135 M-/VG+ MB $10

511. Slim Willet And His Hired Hands — "Let Me Know/My Love Song To You" SLIM WILLET 153 VG+ MB $10

512. Slim Willet And His Hired Hands — "The Red Rose/Live While You're Young" SLIM WILLET 161 M- MB $20

513. Slim Willet — "Golf Juice Part 1/Part 2" SLIM WILLET 200 MINT MB $25

514. Fiddlin' Willie And The Ozark Pals — "Why Not Confess/Knockin' At Your Door" DISCO 1500 M- St. Louis, MISSOURI label MB $20

515. Dallas Wilson With Herb Tucker's Dude Ranch Cowboys — "So Thankful For You/Let's Keep Our Hearts Together" EXCEL 102 M- MB $20

516. Little Bun Wilson — "I Lost My Heart/This Lesson Of Love" SPEED 116 MINT MB $20

517. Austin Wood And His Missouri Swingsters — "Night Train To Memphis/Tellin' My Troubles To My Old Guitar" SURE 10883 M- MB $20

518. Bill Woods And His Orange Blossom Playboys — "A Dear John Letter/I'm Still A Prisoner" KORD 100 VG- JUKE WEAR but very rare label from BAKERSFIELD, California MB $5

519. Bob Woods — "Sunshine Boogie/Watermelon On The Vine" KINGSPORT 110 M- MB $20

520. Sheb Wooley And His Calumet Indians — "Too Long With The Wrong Woman/Your Papa Ain't Steppin' Any More" BLUE BONNET 130 VG+ With very light jukebox wear MB $10

521. "Skeets" Yaney And The Ozark Champions — "When I Lost You/I'll Get Along Somehow" TOWN & COUNTRY 504 M- ST LOUIS LABEL MB $20

522. "Skeets" Yaney And The Ozark Champions — "You Can't Keep The Tears Out Of My Eyes/Darling, What Is Life Without Love" TOWN & COUNTRY 508 M-/VG+ MB $10

523. Faron Young With Tillman Franks Orchestra — "I Heard The Jukebox Playing/I'm A Free Man Now" GOTHAM 424 M- MB $20

524. Leonard T. Zinn And the 101 Ranch Boys — "Double Steel Boogie/Smoke. Smoke, Smoke" SECURITY 1001 VG/VG+ MB $10

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