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• Overseas bidders at least 10 business days.

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Closes Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm PT

HRK All Original 78's auction #15
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Country / Country Boogie / Hillbilly 78's:

332. Bill Bradway And Jean Bradway "King & Queen Of The — "Christian Cowgirl/March Medley" RAPTURE 7 MINT MB $20


333. Brown's Ferry Four — "Old Camp Meeting/There's A Light Guiding Me" KING 593 M- MB $10

334. Tennesse Buck — "Automobile Song/Tennessee Border" CANNON 303 MINT MB $30


335. Ginger Callahan — "Ogee, Ome, Omy/Tooten, Tellum" JOYCE 100 MINT MB $20


336. Cecil Campbell And His Tennessee Ramblers — "Money Can't Buy Happiness/Campbell Steel March" BIG WHEEL 111 M- RARE ONE on small Charlotte, North Carolina label MB $20

337. Woody Carter And His Hoedown Boys — "Goodbye Broadway, Hello San Antone/When We Dance" HUMMING BIRD 1002 MINT TEXAS MB $30


338. Harry Choates And His Fiddle — "Big Woods/Oh Meon" HUMMINGBIRD 1011 M- MB $20


339. Harry Choates And His Fiddle — "Gulf Coast Waltz/Big Mamou" HUMMINGBIRD 1012 VG+ MB $10


340. Zeke Clements And His Western Swing-Gang — "Oklahoma Blues/Am I Too Late" BLAZON 8 M- MB $20


341. Zeke Clements And His Western Swing-Gang — "Oklahoma Blues/Am I Too Late" LIBERTY 8 M- MB $20


342. Eddie Cletro And His Round-Up Boys — "Single Again/Stallin' For Time" LARIAT 1101 M- RED VINYL MB $25


343. Eddie Cletro And His Round-Up Boys — "No Time For Lovin'/Springtime In The Rockies" LARIAT 1102 M-/VG+ RED VINYL MB $20


344. Ray Coats With Cotton Collins And His Ranch Boys — "My Heart And I/Texas Blues" SHAMROCK no # M- WHITE LABEL PROMO with wol MB $20


345. Tiny Colbert And His Entertainers — "Stand In Line And Take Your Turn/My Heart Belongs" BLUE BONNET 154 VG- Xol MB $5


346. Biff Collie — "Don't Talk About Love/Everybody Wants Me But You" SPECIALTY 709 VG MB $5


347. Daisy Cowan And Gladys Hardwick — "Jesus Gave Me Water/He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear" SILVERTONE DUO 221 MINT MB $20


348. George Coward With The Pocono Echoes — "Queen Of The Poconos/Promises" Shawnee 513 VG+ MB $5


349. Louis And Larry Crabb — "Just Give Me Time/My Louisiana Home" LIN 1010 M- MB $20


350. Riley Crabtree — "Shackles And Chains/You Had To Stray" TALENT 719 M- MB $20


351. Elwin Cross And His Arizona Wranglers — "Back In Dear Old Oklahoma/You Can Take Me From Dixie" SUNSTARR 111 VG+ MB $20

352. Clayton Currier With The Cattle Rustlers — "The Pendleton Roundup/When The North Bound Wild Geese Scream" STARCLAY 7 M- PASO ROBLES, California label MB $30


353. Jimmy Dallas — "Be Happy/When You're Singing A "Hillbilly" Song" CENTRAL 001 MINT PROMO COPY pressed on thin vinyl MB $20


354. Jimmy Dallas With String Band — "My Heart Is Yours/Flame Of Love" SHOME 539 VG MB $5


355. Laman Davis And His Morrow Village Ramblers — "Just An Oakie At Heart/If I Can, Can, Can" LAS VEGAS No # M- MB $20


356. Dub Dickerson — "Each Time/Shot Gun Wedding" SIMS 106 VG+ MB $5


357. Milt Dickey With String Band — "I'll Still Love You Forever And A Day/My Checkbook" SHOME 527 POOR MB $5


358. Dolores And the Bluebonnet Boys — "Think Of Me/The Austin Waltz" LASSO 101 VG RARE LABEL from AUSTIN, TEXAS MB $5


359. Roy Drusky — "Mumbling To Myself/Such A Fool" STARDAY 185 M- Slight ring on B-side label MB $10


360. Arlie Duff With The Western Cherokees — "Let Me Be Your Salty Dog/Back To The Country" STARDAY 132 M- MB $10


361. Rody Erickson And His Dude Ranch Boys — "Don't Get Around Much Anymore/How Many Times" BLACK & WHITE 10024 M- MB $10


362. Evengelistic Party — "Somebody Whispered/Beyond Tomorrow" K-Y 1 VG+ MB $5


363. Dale Evans — "Dusty Skies/If You Ever Come To Texas" BEL-TONE 0263 M- MB $10


364. Lonesome Willie Evans — "Trouble Then Satisfaction/Whipporwill Song" LONDON 16035 MINT MB $20


365. The Four Chords — "Blue Kentucky Moon/Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye" SPINNIT 1234 VG+ Harrison, Arkansas label MB $20

366. Max Fidler And His Western All Stars — "Change Of Heart/Taking Sweet Susan To The Ball" CAMEO 101 MINT Super Obscure MB $30


367. Rocky Ford — "Buck Private's Lament Part One/Part Two" SMOKEY 797 VG/VG+ MB $5


368. Art Gabbard And His Dixie Melodeers — "No Children Allowed/I'll Forgive But Not Forget You" DIXIE 101 MINT MB $20


369. Aubrey Gass With The Easterners — "Kilroy's Been Here/Delivery Man Blues" GOLD STAR 1318 M- MB $20


370. Terry Gaynes — "The Cry Of The Wild Goose/I Want A Song" KNIGHT 2001 M- MB $10

371. Sheldon Gibbs And The Arizona Ranch Boys — "Houn' Dog Boogie/I'm Sorry I Got In The Way" SMART 1016 M- RARE PHOENIX, ARIZONA LABEL MB $30


372. Curly Gibson And The Sunshine Play Boys — "The Hill Billy Run/My Foolishness" PENNSYLVANIA 147 M- MB $20


373. Cecil Gill, Yodeling Boy With Ernest Winnett And H — "Choppin' Cotton/Too Jealous" SILVER STAR 100 VG/VG++ MB $5


374. Cecil Gill — "Tear Drops In The Rain/Say Goodbye" SILVER STAR 101 VG MB $5


375. The Gospel Lamplighters — "Pass Me Not/'Neath The Old Olive Tree" SHARON 759 MINT Acapella White Gospel MB $10


376. Lou Graham — "Two Timin' Blues/Long Gone Daddy" GOTHAM 416 MINT It is said that Bill Haley and His Saddlemen played on this session MB $20


377. Lou Graham — "Please Make Up Your Fickle Mind/My Heart Tells Me" GOTHAM 433 M- HALEY??? MB $20


378. Bill Grammer's Shenandoah Valley Boys — "Jealous Heart/Part Of My Soul" SCOOP 502 VG 2" hair crack, obscure WASHINGTON, D.C. label MB $5


379. Smokie Graves And His Blue Star Boys — "I'm Glad You're Not My Own/The Waltz Of The Raindrops" NO LABEL NAME # 700 VG MB $5


380. Jerry Green — "I'll Find A Way/Naggin' Women And Braggin' Men" SPECIALTY 712 M- MB $20


381. Jimmy Gregg — "Yesterday's Rainbow/You'll Never Know I Cried" KINGSPORT 107 VG- MB $5


382. Jimmy Gregg — "A Broken Heart Inside/Your Daddy's Golden Heart" KINGSPORT 111 M- MB $30


383. Buck Griffin With The Happy Singers — "Lord, Give Me Strength/Next To Mine" LIN 1014 M-/VG+ Slight stain in grooves on B-side, no effect on play MB $10


384. Ben Hall "The Mesa Valley Boy" — "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Try It Again" TALENT 745 M- MB $20


385. The Hallelujah Trio — "Will The Circle Be Unbroken/This Train Will Soon Be Leaving" LONDON 16020 M- MB $10


386. Eddy Hammons With Carl Dowdy And His Blue Ridge Ramblers — "Slippin' Around/Room Full Of Roses" TIM BRIGHT 1 M- Baltimore, Maryland label MB $20


387. Harlan County Four — "Show Me The Way/God Will Guide You" KING 1121 M- MB $10

388. Roy Harris And His Happy Hillbillies — "Too Much/Could You Care" CHAMPION 105 MINT Early label from Johnny Vincent who soon founded the ACE label MB $25


389. May Hawks The Tennesse Thrush And The Spellbinders — "No Tears Little Darling/I Ain't No Spring Chicken" HORIZON 706 VG- Obscure DETROIT LABEL MB $5

390. R. D. Hendon's Western Jamboree Cowboys — "Blues Boogie/Hit And Run Driver" SHAMROCK 13 VG+/M- MB $20


391. Henry & Homer And The Southernaires — "Cripple Heart/Eternal Love" HUMMING BIRD 1010 VG/M- Small stains on the label and the A-side is juked MB $5


392. Salty Holmes — "I Found My Mama/Don't Send Your Tears After I Am Gone" LONDON 663 M- MB $10


393. "Lazy" Bill Huggins With The Sanford Hertz Trio — "Cotten Tail Rag/The Farmer And His Mules" BLUE HEN 7062 M- MB $20


394. Jerry Irby And His Texas Ranchers — "My Life Is Filled With Sorrows/I'm Lonesome But I'm Free' " GLOBE 116 M- MB $10


395. Shot Jackson And His String Band — "If The Truth Was Known/I'm Trading You In On A Later Model" SPECIALTY 706 M-/VG+ MB $5


396. Jimmy James And His Country Gentlemen — "Pins & Needles/Is That What You Call Love" BBS 5000 M- Small sticker stain on the label MB $10


397. "Smilin' " Jerry Jericho — "Lovin' Up A Storm/I Can't Give You Anything But Me" STARDAY 133 M- SLIGHT sticker stain on the label MB $15


398. Georgia Jim — "Flyin' Saucer Baby/Jig Saw Puzzle Heart" SPEED 100 M-/VG+ MB $10


399. Betty Jo — "Fairyland Of Love/You'll Need My Help" SPEED 110 VG+/VG MB $5


400. Shorty Joe And His Red Rock Canyon Cowboys — "Please Forget/Saturday Nite Stomp" GOLDEN WEST 102 MINT SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA LABEL MB $30


401. Rick Johnson — "It Isn't Right/Gotta Get Back" KHOURY'S 644 M- MB $10


402. Bob Johnstone And The Dixie Doodlers — "Nashville's Such A Friendly Place Part One/Part Two" SELECT 257 MINT SUPER OBSCURE MB $30


403. Bob Jones — "I Got By/You'd Better Behave, Baby" STARDAY 148 M- Sticker stain on A label and tear on B-side label MB $10


404. George Jones — "Gonna Come Get You/Just One More" STARDAY 264 M- MB $20


405. Jubil-Aires Quartet — "David And Goliath/Then I Met The Master" LEADER 1017 M- MB $10


406. Jubil-Aires Quartet — "Inside The Gate/How Long Has It Been" LEADER 1015 M- White Gospel MB $10


407. Tex Justus And The Texas Cowboys — "Who Will Mend That Break In My Heart/Waltz With Me" SILVER 103 M- MB $20


408. Jeanette Keller — "Steamboat Bill/There Is A Tavern In The Town" SHOW TUNES 1000 VG+ MB $5


409. Buddy Kendrick — "I Found The Key To Happiness/Anything Can Happen" FLAIR 1002 M- MB $10


410. The Bob Kennedy Bandwagon — "Tears In Your Eyes/There's Nothing I Can Do" CAL-WEST 101 M- Fresno, California label MB $20


411. Keith King With Cal Golden's Arkansas Mountain Boy — "Let's Drift Together Again/I Love You So" LIBERTY BELL 9002 M- SMALL edge chip on B-side—not into grooves MB $10


412. Roy King With Hal Fuller And The Tennessee Ho-Down — "Everybody Knew/Freight Train Blues" LONDON 16031 M- MB $10


413. Klaudt Indian Family — "Waiting For His Return/He Bought My Soul" Family-Tone-Gospel-Records 522 M- MB $20


414. Korny And His Hominy Mountaineers — "I'm A Goin' Goodbye/You Just You" HORIZON 1760 VG MB $5


415. Ray Langham And His Texas Panhandlers — "I'm Weary From Worryin' `Bout You/Two Bits In My Pocket" SPOTLIGHT 2010 M- MB $20


416. Cecil Lee And His Western Swing Band — "I'm An Ordinary Man/This Aching Heart" CECIL LEE 209 M-/VG+ LABEL AUTOGRAPHED BY CECIL LEE—4 Star Custom pressing MB $10


417. Evangelist Fiddlin' Jim Lewis & Jack Rivers — "Get On The Happy Side Of Living/Were You There?" LISTEN 1447 MINT SEATTLE, WASHINGTON LABEL MB $20


418. Ernie Lieberman — "Song Of My Hands/Spring Song" HOOTENANNY 100 VG/VG+ MB $5


419. Tommy Lloyd And The Stollin' Cowboys — "Blues Don't Bother Me, My Darling/You Came To Me" OREGON TRAILS 101 M-/VG+ Sticker stain on label MB $10


420. Lone Star Playboys — "New Joli Blon/Westphalia Waltz" BLUE BONNET 102 M- MB $25


421. Dave Lowe — "A Tramp/So Young" LIBERTY BELL 9015 M- MB $20


422. Roy Lowe — "I Told Them All About You/Afraid" SILVER STAR 103 M- MB $25


423. The Lumpkin Trio — "Working On The Building/I Just Steal Away And Pray" LITTLE TROY 103 M- MB $20


424. Harley Luse And His Blue Ridge Mountain Boys — "Red Wing/Rainbow" IMPERIAL 1009 VG+/M- MB $10


425. Harry Luse And His Blue Ridge Mountain Boys — "Darling Nellie Gray/Spanish Cavalier" IMPERIAL 1011 M- MB $20


426. Harley Luse And His Blue Ridge Mountain Boys — "Turkey In The Straw/Varsouvianna" IMPERIAL 1031 VG+ MB $5


427. A. C. Lynch And His Band — "Down The Dusty Trail/Blue Star Polka" CAMARK 500 M-/VG LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS LABEL MB $5

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