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Pete Whelan's FINAL World-Class Pre-War Blues 78's collection, part 4: COMPLETE LIST!

Closes Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 7:00 pm PT

This is the fourth and FINAL auction from Mr. Whelan's World Class Pre-War Blues collection. I will be keeping the remaining records.

Some will say this auction is the best of the four, and others will say it is the least. It all depends upon your perspective and the state of your collection.

This auction contains some ultra rare rarities, but also some all time classics in BEAUTIFUL condition!

I do not expect to have another auction of such high quality Pre-War Blues 78's for quite some time, if ever! Records like this just don't show up that often any more, except for a few here and there. Most of the "Old-Time" collections have been liquidated and passed on to the next generation. Mr. Whelan's collection was one of the last one of those.

Pre-War Blues 78's are setting "record" high prices, both here in my auctions and wherever else they are offered for sale. Buy what you like now, because it will be a long time before you will see most of these gems for sale again . . . IF EVER! Bid like you really want to own them or someone else will!

Thank you for all your past, current and future bids and participation and PLEASE get your bids in early. The post office is running slower than ever.

Thank you and good luck to all!

Pete Whelan's FINAL Pre-War Blues 78's collection auction, part 4, HIGHLIGHTS

Printed (PDF) version of Pete Whelan's FINAL Pre-War Blues 78's collection auction, part 4

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1. Ed Bell — "Mamlish Blues / Ham Bone Blues" PARAMOUNT 12524V+ PLAYS FANTASTIC!!! Killer Blues and this just doesn't come up for sale very often! Most who have it love it and would never sell it. Grab this copy. If you pass on it, it may be quite some time before you see another one! MB $1,000

2. Charley Jordan — "Hunkie Tunkie Blues / Raidin' Squad Blues" VOCALION 1528E+ Back in the 1960s, a dealer box of these were found . . . all copies quickly went into private collections . . . and they DON'T come out, except for death or divorce! MASTERPIECE!MB $2,000

3. William Moore — "Old Country Rock / Raggin' The Blues" PARAMOUNT 12761E/E+ Just like #2, a dealer box of this was found decades ago and gobbled up by the old timers. Now it only comes up with death or divorce! MASTERPIECE!!! MB $2,000

4. Kid Brown And His Blue Band / Al Miller's String Band — "Bo-Lita / Saturday Night Hymn" BLACK PATTI 8049V+ Only known copy! I was SOOO tempted to keep this one . . . and I will if no one bids, which I'm kinda hoping will be the case, but I need to sell something to help pay for the collection and the other records I just have to keep!!MB $5,000

5. Tenderfoot Edwards — "Seven Sister Blues / Florida Bound" PARAMOUNT 12873 • POOR One of THREE KNOWN copies. Yes, it is pretty whipped,but with only two others in existence what can you do??? Buy it and make the best of it. Plays through fairly well.MB $1,000

6. Henry Sims with CHARLEY PATTON — "Be True Be True Blues / Tell Me Man Blues" PARAMOUNT 12940V+ One of THREE KNOWN! If I didn't have one of the other two, I would NEVER sell this one! STUNNING PRIMITIVE BLUES! CHARLEY PATTON ON GUITAR!!! Probably your only chance to own this one! If you don't know it, I can play it for you over the phone. MB $8,000

7. The Alabama Rascals — "Jockey Stomp/Stomp That Thing" PERFECT 0240 V+ Some call this Jazz, but it is oh, so close to being a great Blues/Jug Band record that I just had to put it in this auction MB $200

8. Red Mike Bailey — "Back To Memphis Tenn-o-see / Neck Bone Blues" PARAMOUNT 13077G One of TWO known copies, Super Scarce 13000 Paramount! MB $300

9. Wiley Barner — "If You Want A Good Woman—Get One Long And Tall/My Gal Treats Me Mean" GENNETT 6261 V RARE!!! Only very few copies known to have survived! MB $200

10. Andrew And Jim Baxter — "Forty Drops/Georgia Stomp" VICTOR 38002 V- Looks worn but plays great! Classic MB $100

11. Big Boy Ben — "Mama Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean/Mistreated The Only Friend You Had" VARSITY 6031 E- MB $50

12. Barefoot Bill From Alabama aka ED BELL — "Big Rock Jail/From Now On" COLUMBIA 14481 V Record has edge chip on A-side that goes in ONE groove MB $100

13. Barefoot Bill From Alabama aka ED BELL — "My Crime Blues / Snigglin' Blues" COLUMBIA 14510 E STUNNING STUFF from a BLUES MASTER!!! MB $500

14. Barefoot Bill From Alabama aka Ed Bell — "Squabblin' Blues / Bad Boy" COLUMBIA 14526E+ PRISTINE COPY of a BLUES CLASSIC from a BLUES MASTER! MB $1,000

15. Francis Blackwell aka SCRAPPER BLACKWELL — "Morning Mail Blues / Blues That Make Me Cry" VOCALION 02752 V+/V Yup, this is SCRAPPER BLACKWELL, on his own, without Leroy Carr. His solo records didn't sell at all . . . but they are wonderful! MB $300

16. Big Bill (Broonzy) And Thomps — "House Rent Stomp / Big Bill Blues" PARAMOUNT 12656E/E+ His very FIRST RECORD!!! And what a record it is! MB $2,000

17. Lottie Brown aka Lottie Kimbrough/Maybelle Ander — "Blue World Blues/Moanful Wailin' Blues" SUPERTONE 9429 V RARE!!! Kimbrough was one of the best female Blues singers ever! MB $300

18. Lucille Brown aka CLARA BURSTON — "Can't Get Enough/Stop Bitin' Other Women In The Back" SUPERIOR 2633 V+ MB $200

19. Richard (Rabbit) Brown — "James Alley / I'm Not Jealous" VICTOR 20578E/E- ALL TIME MASTERPIECE!!! Almost never for sale because it is so well loved. MB $1,000

20. Sammy Brown — "Barrel House Blues/The Jockey Blues" GENNETT 6337 V MB $200

21. Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers — "How Much I Owe For The Divine/Watch Ye, Therefore" OKEH 8579 V+ FABULOUS ROCKIN' SANCTIFIED BLUES GOSPEL! B-side has some blasting MB $200

22. Bryant's Jubilee Quintette — "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel/This Old World Can't Stand Much Longer" GENNETT 6500 V+ With 2 inch hair crack MB $50

23. Cannon's Jug Stompers — "Minglewood Blues / Madison Street Rag" VICTOR 21267E+ MASTERPIECE and PRISTINE COPY MB $1,000

24. Cannon's Jug Stompers — "Big Railroad Blues/Springdale Blues" VICTOR 21351 V PLAYS FANTASTIC MB $200

25. Cannon's Jug Stompers — "Going To Germany / Springdale Blues" BLUEBIRD 5413E/E+ You can wait for a Victor and pay five grand, or you can grab this Bluebird and enjoy this MASTERPIECE now! MB $1,000

26. Leroy Carr With Scrapper Blackwell — "It's Too Short/Longing For My Sugar" VOCALION 02875 V+ MB $50

27. Leroy Carr's Buddy — "The Death Of Leroy Carr/Blues Blues" BROADWAY 9005 V- RARE MB $50

28. Bo Carter — "Old Shoe Blues/Let Me Roll Your Lemon" BLUEBIRD 5861 V MB $100

29. Bo Carter — "It's Too Wet/Dinner Blues" BLUEBIRD 6407 V+ CLASSIC MB $200

30. Bo Carter — "Shoo That Chicken/Be My Salty Dog" BLUEBIRD 7968 V- MB $50

31. Bo Carter — "Trouble, Oh Trouble!/ Baby Ruth" BLUEBIRD 8459 V+ With 3 inch internal hairline crack MB $50

32. George Carter — "Rising River Blues/Hot Jelly Roll Blues" PARAMOUNT 12750 V+ Masterpiece MB $800

33. Papa Charlie's Boys — "Too Long/Let My Peaches Be" BLUEBIRD 6408 E- MB $100

34. Big Boy Cleveland — "Quill Blues / Goin' To Leave You Blues" GENNETT 6108 V MASTERPIECE AND PLAYS FANTASTIC MB $500

35. Anna Belle Coleman — "Kingfish Blues/Unkind Blues" PARAMOUNT 13026 POOR RARE 13000 PARAMOUNT MB $50

36. Bob Coleman — "Cincinnati Underworld Woman/Tear It Down" PARAMOUNT 12731 V GREAT JUG BAND RARITY MB $100

37. Jay Bird Coleman — "Ah'm Sick An' Tired Of Tellin' You (To Wiggle That Thing) / No More Good Water—'Cause The Pond Is Dry" GENNETT 6276 V Original first version of Jay Bird Coleman classic . . . re-recorded for Columbia shortly after this release. MB $500

38. Julius Powers And Her Blues Serenaders aka IDA COX — "I've Got The Blues For Rampart Street/Chattanooga" HARMO-GRAPH 872 E From PARAMOUNT MB $100

39. Julia Powers And Her Blues Serenaders aka IDA COX — "Mama Doo Shee Blues/Worried Mama Blues" HARMOGRAPH 897 E- From PARAMOUNT MB $100

40. Ida Cox With Lovie Austin's Serenaders — "Scottle De Doo/Don't Blame Me" PARA-MOUNT 12381 E- MB $100

41. Sister Cunningham And The T.C.I Sacred Singers — "You Better Run/Sign Of Judgement" PARAMOUNT 12473 V MB $50

42. "Slim" Ducket And "Pig" Norwood — "I Want To Go Where Jesus Is/When The Saint's Go Marching In" OKEH 8893 V RARE AND GREAT GOSPEL WITH GUITAR MB $200

43. Sleepy John Estes — "Married Woman Blues/Drop Down Mama" DECCA 7289 E MB $300

44. Joe Evans And Arthur McClaine — "Little Son Of A Gun (Look What You Done)/Honey, Turn Your Damper Down" GENNETT 6259 V+/V THEIR FIRST RECORD AND VERY TOUGH MB $200

45. Joe Evans — "Shook It This Morning Blues/Down In Black Bottom" PERFECT 184 V MB $100

46. Will Ezell — "Barrel House Man/West Coast Rag" PARAMOUNT 12549 V MB $50

47. Will Ezell — "Old Mill Blues/Mixed Up Rag" PARAMOUNT 12688 V MB $50

48. The Famous Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham — "I Declare My Mother Ought To Live Right/Children Wade In The Water" PARAMOUNT 13128 V With some stripped grooves—super scarce late 13000 PARAMOUNT MB $100

49. Troy Ferguson — "You Better Keep It At Home/Mama You Gotta Get It Fixed" COLUMBIA 14644 V MB $200

50. Blind Mamie Forehand — "Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All/Honey In The Rock" VICTOR 20574 E+ MASTERPIECE MB $500

51. Mildred Grizelle — "I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Low Down" GENNETT 6646 V+ MB $50

52. Hunter Brothers — "Brown Skin Shuffle/Stove Pipe Stomp" SUPERIOR 2836 V MB $100

53. Slim Hunter/Memphis Jim — "How You Want It Done/Don't Leave Me Blues" SUPERIOR 2560 V- MB $50

54. Slim Hunter — "Worried In Mind Blues/Big Bill Blues" SUPERIOR 2837 V- RARE BIG BILL BROONZY MB $200

55. Red Onion Joe And His Uke — "Hummin' Blues/Pretty Mama Blues" CHAMPION 15928 V MB $50

56. Lil Johnson — "Get 'Em From The Peanut Man (Hot Nuts)/Press My Button" VOCALION 03199 V+ CLASSIC FEMALE BLUES MB $25

57. Alberta Jones — "Home Alone Blues/Everybody Loves My Baby" BUDDY 8025 V With 2 inch repaired hair crack MB $50

58. Charley Jordan — "Keep It Clean/Big Four Blues" VOCALION 1511 V- ALL TIME CLASSIC! Plays much better than the grade! NEVER for sale MB $300

59. Luke Jordan — "Pick Poor Robin Clean/Traveling Coon" VICTOR 20957 E- MB $200

60. Alfred G. Karnes — "I Am Bound For The Promised Land/Where We'll Never Grow Old" VICTOR 20840 V+ PLAYS FANTASTIC MB $200

61. Willie Kelly — "You So Dumb/Nasty But It's Clean" VICTOR 23299 V Plays with some distortion and the labels are quite worn, but this is one RARE record MB $200

62. Willie Kelly — "32-20 Blues/Give Me Your Change" VICTOR 38619 V- ROOSEVELT SYKES CHANNELS SKIP JAMES ON THIS ONE! RARE MB $100

63. Lena Kimbrough aka LOTTIE KIMBROUGH — "City Of The Dead/Cabbage Head Blues" MERITT 2201 V+ RARE MB $500

64. Big Boy Knox — "Eleven Light City Blues/Texas Blues" BLUEBIRD 6904 V+ MB $100

65. Big Boy Knox — "Blue Man Blues/Poor Man Blues" BLUEBIRD 6952 E- MB $100

66. Mead Lux Lewis/Charles Avery — "Honky Tonk Train Blues/Dearborn Street Breakdown" PARAMOUNT 12896 E- SUPER TOUGH TO FIND THIS ONE CLEAN! Yes, this is the original first record of this all time classic! MB $500

67. Furry Lewis — "Dry Land Blues/BLANK" VICTOR 45429-1 E+ VINYL TEST, made in recent times, of an original UNISSUED RECORD. This is TAKE 1 and is a one-sided test. MB $100

68. Jane Lucas And Georgia Tom/Hokum Boys — "Fix It/Hip Shakin' Strut" SAVOY 502 V MB $100

69. Jane Lucas And Georgia Tom — "Terrible Operation Blues/Where Did You Stay Last Night" CHAMPION 16171 G MB $50

70. Jane Lucas — "Leave My Man Alone/Double Trouble Blues" CHAMPION 16289 V With two potential edge bites MB $25

71. Lil McClintock — "Sow Good Seeds / Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed" COLUMBIA 14602 E+ GOSPEL GUITAR MASTERPIECE MB $1,500

72. Rev. F. W. McGee — "Jesus The Lord Is A Saviour/I Looked Down The Line" VICTOR 38561 V+ MB $50

73. Kansas Joe And Memphis Minnie — "Bumble Bee/I Want That" COLUMBIA 14542 E+ B-side has one nasty looking scuff that plays just fine with just a light ticking MB $500

74. Memphis Minnie — "Bumble Bee/I'm Talking About You" VOCALION 1476 E GORGEOUS COPY OF MINNIE CLASSIC MB $500

75. Kansas Joe And Memphis Minnie — "What Fault You Find Of Me? Part 1/Part 2" VOCALION 1509 G MB $25

76. Memphis Minnie — "I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuits/Mister Tango Blues" VOCALION 1512 E/E- Classic Minnie MB $300

77. Memphis Minnie — "I'm Talking 'Bout You—No. 2/Bumble Bee—No. 2" VOCALION 1556 POOR TOUGH, Follow up record to her two big hits MB $20

78. Memphis Minnie — "Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More/Somebody's Got To Help You" VOCALION 1653 V- Plays decent MB $50

79. Memphis Minnie — "Hard Down Lie/Lay My Money Down" VOCALION 1665 V MB $50

80. Memphis Minnie — "Crazy Cryin' Blues/I Don't Want That Junk Outta You" VOCALION 1678 V- With 2 inch hair crack MB $50

81. Memphis Minnie — "Socket Blues/You Stole My Cake" VOCALION 1688 G MB $25

82. Memphis Minnie — "Stinging Snake Blues/Drunken Barrel House Blues" VOCALION 02711 V- MB $50

83. Memphis Minnie With Black Bob, Bill Settles — "Joe Louis Strut/He's In The Ring" VOCALION 03046 V MB $20

84. Memphis Minnie — "Hoodoo Lady/Ice Man" VOCALION 03222 E- MB $150

85. Memphis Minnie — "I'm A Gamblin' Woman/Caught Me Wrong Again" VOCALION 03258 V MB $50

86. Memphis Minnie — "Hot Stuff/Keep On Sailing" VOCALION 03651 V+/V MB $50

87. Memphis Minnie — "Moonshine/My Baby Don't Want Me No More" VOCALION 03894 V MB $50

88. Memphis Minnie — "Bumble Bee No. 1/Bumble Bee No. 2" PERFECT 0211 V+ MB $100

89. Memphis Minnie — "Too Late/My Butcher Man" OKEH 8948 V+ MB $200

90. Memphis Minnie — "Fishin' Blues/Out-door Blues" ORIOLE 8242 V- MB $50

91. Memphis Minnie And Kansas Joe — "You Got To Move—Part I (You Ain't Got To Move)/Part II" DECCA 7038 E- MB $300

92. Memphis Minnie — "Long As I Can See You Smile/I'd Rather See Him Dead" CONQUEROR 9162 V MB $20

93. Memphis Minnie — "Nothing In Rambling/Lonesome Shark Blues" CONQUEROR 9764 V-/V MB $25

94. The Mississippi Sheiks — "The New Sitting On Top Of The World/The New Stop And Listen" PARAMOUNT 13134 V+ RARE 13000 PARAMOUNT! MB $500

95. The Mississippi Sheiks — "She's Crazy 'Bout Her Lovin'/Tell Me To Do Right" PARAMOUNT 13156 E The very LAST original PARAMOUNT . . . from 1932, very slight fracture under the label which doesn't affect anything MB $500

96. Little Brother Montgomery — "Chinese Man Blues/Something Keeps A-Worryin' Me" BLUEBIRD 6658 E MB $200

97. Teddy Moss — "Sympathizng Blues/You Broke My Heart Baby" GENNETT 7010 V With 1 inch hairline crack MB $50

98. Teddy Moss — "Easy Papa/Ocean Wave Blues" GENNETT 7055 E- With edge chip that goes three grooves in MB $25

99. Peanut, The Kidnapper — "Silver Spade Blues/Eighth Avenue Blues" MELOTONE 7-09-65 E MB $200

100. Arthur Petties — "Two Time Blues / Out On Santa Fe Blues" VICTOR 21282 E GREAT ONE! MB $800

101. Washington Phillips — "Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There/Lift Him Up That's All" COLUMBIA 14277 V+ MB $200

102. Washington Phillips — "Denomination Blues - Part 1/Part 2" COLUMBIA 14333 E/E+ MB $500

103. Washington Phillips — "I Am Born To Preach The Gospel/Train Your Child" COLUMBIA 14448 E/E- MB $400

104. Washington Phillips — "I've Got The Key To The Kingdom/A Mother's Last Words" COLUMBIA 14511 E MB $500

105. George Ramsey — "Oh What A Fool Blues/Perfect Mess Blues" PARAMOUNT 13071 POOR Only known copy??? MB $100

106. Mandy Randolph/Sammie Lewis — "I Got Another Lovin' Daddy/Whoa Tillie" GENNETT NO # V MB $50

107. "Banjo" Ikey Robinson And His Bull Fiddle Band — "Rock Me Mama/My Four Reasons" BRUNSWICK 7059 V+ MB $100

108. Elzadie Robinson — "Humming Blues/Houston Blues" PARAMOUNT 12420 V- MB $20

109. Sammy Sampson With His Guitar aka BIG BILL BROONZY — "I Can't Be Satisfied/Skoodle Doo Doo" PERFECT 157 V- Labels heavily worn MB $20

110. Sammy Sampson aka BIG BILL BROONZY — "Bow Leg Baby/My Texas Blues" PERFECT 163 V- MB $50

111. Irene Scruggs — "You've Got What I Want/Borrowed Love" CHAMPION 16102 V MB $25

112. Irene Scruggs — "I Want You To Give Me Some/My Back To The Wall" CHAMPION 16148 V- MB $20

113. Allen Shaw — "I Couldn't Help It/Moanin' The Blues" VOCALION 02844 V- FABULOUS AND RARE MB $200

114. Shreveport Home Wreckers — "Fence Breakin' Blues/Home Wreckin' Blues" VICTOR 23275 V FABULOUS AND RARE MB $500

115. The Silver Leaf Quartette Of Norfolk — "I'm Going Through Jesus/Hope I'll Join The Band" OKEH 8628 V+ MB $50

116. Danny Small And Ukelele Mays — "Sweet Georgia Brown/Loud Speakin' Papa" PARAMOUNT 12319 V- MB $20

117. Southern Blues Singers Trio — "It's Tight Like That/Light House Blues" GENNETT 6828 POOR MB $20

118. Charlie Spand — "She's Got Good Stuff/Big Fat Mama Blues" PARAMOUNT 13005 V+/V MB $50

119. Charlie Spand — "Evil Woman Spell/Georgia Mule Blues" PARAMOUNT 13101 POOR Labels worn MB $20

120. Blind Joe Taggart — "Strange Things Happening In The Land/I Ain't No Sinner Now" PARAMOUNT 13094 POOR Super rare MB $100

121. Ferman Tapp And His Banjo — "Gonna Find Myself A Brand New Sweetie/Tell Me Why" BLACK PATTI 8050 V- ONLY COPY??? MB $500

122. Ethel Waters — "Craving Blues/Too Sweet For Words" PARAMOUNT 12313 E- MB $100

123. The Two Charlies — "Don't Put Your Dirty Hands On Me/BLANK" ARC MX 18983-1 E+ Vinyl test of unissued BLUES MB $100

124. Leroy Carr — "Church House Blues/BLANK" MX 16442-2 E+ One-sided vinyl test of UNISSUED song MB $50

125. Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell — "Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/BLANK" MX 15596-1 E+ UNISSUED ON 78!!! Vinyl one sided test MB $50

126. Blind Willie Johnson — "Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning/BLANK" W 147571-2 E+ TAKE TWO on vinyl test—one-sided from 12/5/28 MB $100

127. Blind Willie Johnson — "Let It Shine/BLANK" W 149578-2 E+ TAKE TWO on VINYL one-sided test MB $100