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Pete Whelan's World-Class Jazz 78's collection, part 2: COMPLETE LIST!

Closes Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 7:00 pm PT

Peter Whelan was a friend of mine for over twenty years. He started collecting records in 1946 and was the founder of the Origin Jazz Library label in 1960 and of 78 Quarterly in 1967—THE magazine for 78 collectors for 35 years!

Pete sold me his entire collection shortly before he passed away in January at the age of 93. I am keeping some of the Blues records, but none of the Jazz. While I love Pre-War Jazz, I can't collect everything. Therefore, it is now my job to find new homes for all his great Jazz 78's.

If you collect vintage Jazz 78's from the 1920's and 1930's, Pete's collection will blow you away! He always went for the rarest of the rare. His collection contains many one-of-a-kind items.

Though my expertise is Blues, I feel I have graded Pete's Jazz records accurately. My highest grade is E+. I don't use New or N-. Therefore, anything I grade E+ should be perfect and could indeed be New Old Stock.

Since I grade very conservatively, you should be happy with your wins. If not, you will receive your money back. I think I have put fair (and even low) minimum bids on the records, so everyone has a chance.

This is the second of many Jazz auctions from the legendary Pete Whelan collection so stayed tuned for more.

Thank you and good luck to all!

Pete Whelan's Jazz 78's collection auction, part 2, HIGHLIGHTS

Printed (PDF) version of Pete Whelan's Jazz 78's collection auction, part 2

How to bid on my Monthly Auctions

1. Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins — "Ape Man / Your Folks" PARAMOUNT 12428E+ MB $500

2. Hightowers Night Hawks — "Boar Hog Blues / Squeeze Me" BLACK PATTI 8045E+ MONSTER JAZZ RARITY and probably the FINEST KNOWN COPY!!! Here's your chance!!! Bid like crazy or you won't get it! MB $3,000

3. Clarance M. Jones — "Hula Lou / May Be" AUTOGRAPH No #E MB $1,000

4. Frisky Foot Jackson And His Thumpers — "Good Time Mama / Maxwell Street Stomp" CHAMPION 15696E-/V+ MB $500

5. John Williams & His Memphis Stompers — "Pewee Blues / Now Cut Loose" BLACK PATTI 8009 • E/E+ Okay, you go!!! Probably the finest known copy!!! Bid crazy to win it or you won't. These just NEVER come up for sale. MB $3,000

6. John Williams Synco Jazzers — "Goose Grease / Down In Gallion" PARAMOUNT 12457E+ BEST COPY KNOWN??? Monster Rarity!!! MB $1,000

7. Louis Armstrong And His Hot Five — "Gut Bucket Blues/Yes! I'm In The Barrel" OKEH 8261 E/E- His very first record and tough to find in clean shape. MB $200


8. Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra — "No/Basin Street Blues" OKEH 41241 E+ MB $200


9. Louis Armstrong And His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra—"Confessin' That I Love You/If I Could Be With You" OKEH 41448 E+/E MB $100


10. Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra — "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)/Star Dust" OKEH 41530 E+ MB $100


11. Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra — "Lazy River/Georgia On My Mind" OKEH 41541 E- MB $75


12. Bix Beiderbecke And His Orchestra — "I Don't Mind Walkin' In the Rain (When I'm Walkin' In The Rain With You)/I'll Be A Friend" VICTOR 23008 E+ MB $50

13. Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards — "Idle Hour Special/47th Street Stomp" VOCALION 1060 E- RARE MB $100

14. Birmingham Bluetette — "Old Man Blues/Back Home Blues" HERWIN 92019 V+ TOUGH MB $100

15. Black Birds Of Paradise — "Bugahoma Blues/Tishomingo Blues" GENNETT 6210 V+ TOP SHELF JAZZ RARITY MB $200

16. Black Birds Of Paradise — "Muddy Water / Sugar!" Gennett 6211V+ MB $200


17. Eubie Blake — "Sounds Of Africa/Balt-imore Buzz" EMERSON 10434 V+ MB $75


18. Eubie Blake — "Ma/Sweet Lady" EMERSON 10450 E/E- MB $75


19. The Blue Chips — "Froggy Bottom/Nit Wit Serenade" MELOTONE 6-11-61 E-/V+ MB $20


20. Blue Ribbon Syncopators — "Blue Ribbon Blues/Whale Dip" COLUMBIA 14235 V+ MB $20


21. Jimmy Blythe's Owls — "Weary Way Blues/Poutin' Papa" VOCALION 1135 V MB $20


22. Jimmy Blythe's Owls — "Have Mercy!/Hot Stuff" VOCALION 1136 V MB $20


23. Perry Bradford & His Gang — "So's Your Old Man/Just Met A Friend" COLUMBIA 14142 E With small dent in grooves on B-side MB $50

24. Jule Burnett & His Royal Cavaliers — "She Reminds Me Of You/I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreaming" CHAMPION 16787 V+ RARE BLACK LABEL CHAMPION! MB $100


25. Carolina Cotton Pickers — "Marie/Western Swing" VOCALION 03539 E+/E MB $50


26. Carolina Cotton Pickers Orchestra — "Off And On Blues/'Deed I Do" VOCALION 03580 E-/V+ MB $25


27. Champion Rhythm Kings/Howard Thomas Orchestra — "Sweet Georgia Brown/In The Shade Of The Old Apple" CHAMPION 16387 V+ TOUGH ONE MB $50


28. Chicago Hot Five — "Star Dust/You Can't Stop Me From Loving You" VICTOR 23285 V+ MB $50


29. Junie Cobb's Home Town Band — "East Coast Trot/Chicago Buzz" PARAMOUNT 12382 V- RARE MB $25

30. Cook And His Dreamland Orchestra — "Brown Sugar/High Fever" COLUMBIA 813 E+ MB $100


31. Paul Cornelius And His Orchestra — "There's No Use Denying/A Peach Of A Pair" GENNETT 20379 V+ MB $50

32. Jimmy Raschel/Paul Cornelius Orchestras — "It Don't Mean A Thing/Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia" CHAMPION 16534 E+ SCARCE MB $100


33. Wallie Coulter & His Band — "Hollywood Shuffle/Good Stuff" GENNETT 6369 V MB $50

34. Lillian Crawford — "Holiday/In A Mist" CHAMPION 16817 E- RARE MB $100

35. Chas. Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs — "Butter Finger Blues/Crazy Quilt" OKEH 8477 E- MB $100


36. Clay Custer — "The Rocks/Chopiano" OKEH 4809 E+ MB $100


37. Paul Davis And His Orchestra — "Underneath The Harlem Moon/Black And Tan Fantasy" CHAMPION 16524 V+ MB $100

38. Hal Denman And His Orchestra — "Bugle Call Rag/I'll Never Be The Same" CHAMPION 16533 E+ MB $150

39. Dodds And Parham — "Oh Daddy/ Sweet Patunia" PARAMOUNT 12471 E-/V+ MB $100


40. The Embassy Rhythm Eight — "Hitchy Koo/He's A Rag Picker" CHAMPION 40068 E MB $100


41. The Five Harmaniacs — "What Makes My Baby Cry/It Takes A Good Woman" VICTOR 20507 E MB $100


42. The Five Rhythm Kings — "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/Minnie The Moocher" VICTOR 23269 V+ MB $50


43. Troy Floyd And The Shadowland Orchestra — "Dreamland Blues - Part 1/Part 2" OKEH 8719 V+ MB $25


44. Lem Fowler's Washboard Band — "The Florida Blues/Salty Dog" COLUMBIA 14111 V+ MB $25


45. Tom Gates And His Orchestra/Eddie Carlew's Baby Aristocrats — "The Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Indiana Mud" GENNETT 6184 V With two one inch hairline cracks MB $20


46. Irene Gibbons & Clarence Williams Jazz Band — "I'm Busy And You Can't Come In/Jeannine" COLUMBIA 14362 E MB $75


47. The Get Happy Band — "Puddin' Papa/ On The Puppy's Tail" COLUMBIA 14099 E+/E MB $75

48. W. G. Haenschen's Banjo Orchestra — "Maple Leaf Rag/BLANK" PERSONAL RECORD 61070 V+ RARE!!! EARLY RAG TIME ITEM MB $100


49. Bill Haid's Cubs — "I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Crazy Rhythm" BROADWAY 1206 V+ MB $25

50. Dewey Jackson's Peacock Orchestra — "She's Crying For Me/Capitol Blues" VOCALION 1040 E/E+ A-side has some pressing indentations MB $100


51. Frisky Foot Jackson And His Thumpers — "Mississippi Stomp/I Wanna Get It" CHAMPION 15929 V MB $75

52. Preston Jackson And His Uptown Band — "It's Tight Jim/Harmony Blues" PARAMOUNT 12400 V+ MB $100


53. Preston Jackson And His Uptown Band — "Trombone Man/Yearning For Mandalay" PARAMOUNT 12411 E- With edge bite, not into grooves MB $50

54. Smoke Jackson And His Red Onions — "It's Tight Like That/West End Blues" CHAMPION 15714 E- MB $200

55. Jelly James & His Fewsicians — "Georgia Bo-Bo/Make Me Know It" KEITH PROWSE 101 V+ Rare MB $100


56. Barbeque Joe And His Hot Dogs — "Shake That Thing/Big Butter And Egg Man" CHAMPION 16192 V+ Has edge chip that goes in FOUR grooves on the A-side only MB $20


57. Joe Jordan's Ten Sharps And Flats — "Senegalese Stomp/Morocco Blues" COLUMBIA 14144 E-/E With two inch lam crack MB $50

58. Ted Lewis And His Band — "A Jazz Holiday/Jungle Blues" COLUMBIA 1525 E+ BLUE WAX, slight pressing indentations MB $100


59. Floyd Mills And His Marylanders/Vi Bradley — "Ninety-Nine Out Of A Hundred/Star Dust" CHAMPION 16264 E-/E MB $50

60. Ernest Michall (Clarinet Band) & His New Orleans Boys — "Sidewalk Blues / Toledano Street Blues" BLACK PATTI 8046V Two edge chips on B-side, not into the grooves. How many of these are known to still exist??? MB $1,000


61. Sam Morgan's Jazz Band — "Every-body's Talking About Sammy/Sing On" COLUMBIA 14213 V+ MB $75

62. Sam Morgan's Jazz Band — "Bogalousa Strut/Short Dress Gal" COLUMBIA 14351 E MB $200

63. Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers — "Smoke-House Blues/Steamboat Stomp" VICTOR 20296 E MB $100


64. Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra — "Kater Street Rag/Sister Honky Tonk" OKEH 8277 V RARE MB $75

65. Naylor's Seven Aces — "Ringelberg Blues/Ain't That Hateful" GENNETT 5393 E to E+ MB $100

66. Nelson's Paramount Serenaders — "Phillips Street Stomp/Nelson Blues" PARAMOUNT 12494 V+ MB $100

67. The New Orleans Bootblacks — "Mixed Salad/I Can't Say" COLUMBIA 14465 E- BLUE WAX MB $100

68. The New Orleans Wanderers — "Too Tight/Papa Dip" COLUMBIA 735 E+ MB $100

69. Sam Nowlin — "So What/Change" CHAMPION 16828 V+/E- RARE MB $100


70. Jimmy O'Bryant "The Clarinet Wizard" With Jasper Taylor — "Red Hot Mama/Drunk Man's Strut" PARAMOUNT 12246 E- MB $100

71. King Oliver And His Dixie Syncopators — "Sugar Foot Stomp/Wa Wa Wa" VOCALION 1033 E MB $200


72. Original Memphis Five With ANNETTE HANSHAW — "Wistful And Blue/What Do I Care What Somebody Said" PERFECT 14804 E- MB $50


73. Original Six — "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/The Thief" OKEH 4778 V+ MB $30


74. Charlie Segar (Keyboard Wizard Supreme) — "Cow Cow Blues/Boogie Woogie" DECCA 7075 E- MB $25


75. Eddie Slemer And His Orchestra — "Birmingham Bertha/Freeze Out" GENNETT 6922 E Unfortunately, the B-side of this one has very strange looking heat damage and would play very noisy and swishy. MB $20

76. Ted Smith And His Rhythm Aces — "Minnie The Moocher/Jig Time" CHAMPION 16321 E MB $100


77. Carlyle Stevenson And His Bon Ton Orchestra — "In A Rendezvous/Eccentric" HOLLYWOOD RECORD 1024 V+ There is a small section of each side of the disc that has heat damage and will swish when played. MB $20


78. Carlyle Stevenson's El Patio Orchestra — "Thanks For The Buggy Ride/ If You Hadn't Gone Away" SILVER SCREEN RECORD 143 V+ MB $25

79. Them Birmingham Night Owls — "Sugar!/Neck Bones And Beans" CHAMPION 15338 V+ RARE MB $100


80. Howard Thomas And His Orchestra — "Moon Glow/Rude Interlude" CHAMPION 16776 V+ Sticker on A-side label and tear on B-side label where a sticker was removed MB $50

81. Howard Thomas & His Orch. — "Nasty Man/White Heat" CHAMPION 16785 E- RARE MB $100


82. Howard Thomas And His Orchestra — "Business In F/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree" CHAMPION 40080 E MB $50

83. Triangle Harmony Boys — "Chicken Supper Strut/Sweet Patootie" GENNETT 6275 V RARE MB $100


84. Sugar Underwood — "Davis Street Blues/Dew Drop Alley Stomp" VICTOR 21538 E MB $75

85. Syd Valentine's Patent Leather Kids — "Patent Leather Stomp/Rock And Gravel" GENNETT 7026 E- RARE MB $100


86. Syd Valentine's Patent Leather Kids — "Asphalt Walk/Jelly Bean Drag" GENNETT 7071 E- RARE MB $100


87. Thomas Waller — "Muscle Shoals Blues/Birmingham Blues" OKEH 4557 V to V+ MB $20


88. Thomas Waller — "Love Me Or Leave Me/I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling" VICTOR 22092 E MB $25


89. Theo Ward — "Regimental Patrol/Kitten On The Keys" HOMOCHORD 366 V+ MB $25


90. Frank Westphal — "Coaxing The Piano/You Tell 'Em Worries" COLUMBIA 3800 E MB $20


91. Clarence Williams Blue Five — "Shake That Thing/Get It Fixed" OKEH 8267 V+ MB $20

92. Clarence Williams And His Orchestra — "Shake Em Up / Jingles" PARAMOUNT 12587 E+ Gorgeous copy MB $250


93. Clarence Williams And His Orchestra — "Won't You Come Over And Say "Hello"?/Pretty Baby" VOCALION 2718 E- MB $25


94. Sid Williams — "Rag Doll/Nola" VOCALION 15689 V+ MB $25


95. Sid Williams — "My Pet/St Louis Blues" VOCALION 15691 E to E+ MB $50


96. Sammy Williams — "Mama's Gone Goodbye/Mandy, Make Up Your Mind" AUTOGRAPH No # V+ MB $50

97. Jack Winn And His Dallas Dandies — "Wild Man Blues/After You've Gone" POLK 9035 V+ RARE!! MB $100

98. Wisconsin U Skyrockets — "Slow Beef/It's A Sin" PARAMOUNT 12641 E MB $200

99. Albert Wynne And His Gut Bucket Five — "Parkway Stomp / Down By The Levee" VOCALION 1220E- RARE MB $300


100. Albert Wynne and His Gut Bucket Five/Midnight Rounders — "Crying My Blues Away/Shake Your Shimmy" VOCALION 1218 V MB $30